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Get Moving! 6 Ways to Stay Active at a Desk Job

We’ve all heard it before: sitting for too long at our desk jobs comes along with many health risks. We often sit for 8 hours at work, then sit in our cars on the drive home, and finally end the day sitting on the couch. Unfortunately, the risks of sitting come in more forms than you might think. Risks include heart disease, colon cancer, foggy brain, strained neck and back, tight hips, poor leg circulation and more.

While you can’t always avoid sitting for too long, there are several simple ways you can stay moving to maintain your health at the office. Here’s what the experts recommend!

  1. Sit on a wobbly object, such as an exercise ball. You can also use a backless stool. This will force your core muscles to be used. Make sure you maintain a straight back with your feet flat on the floor in front of you.
  2. Stretch your hip flexors. Do some research on the best hip flexor exercises for you, and stretch them twice per day for three minutes each time.
  3. Alternate between sitting and standing at least every half hour. If you don’t have a standing desk, take a short walk every half hour.
  4. Do a few yoga poses daily. The Cat and Cow poses are recommended to improve extension and flexion in your back.
  5. Take the stairs in the morning and afternoon to add a few extra steps to your day. This will help you burn a few more calories every day and increase heart health by adding in more intense cardio.
  6. Encourage employees to move. If you’re in a managerial position, it’s important to make sure employees know they are encouraged to move around. Your office culture should support taking breaks.

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