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Get Your Summer Vacation In: A Weekend Roundup

The kids are going back to school in less than a month. But have you been able to enjoy some time off with the family? More than half of U.S. workers left vacation days on the table in 2015. Get out and grab some rays and come back to work refreshed!

CBS News recently reported that 55% percent of employees did not use all of their vacation time in 2015. 222 million of those days went to waste due to lack of rollover options. A common belief is that the maxing out of vacation days has scared employees after the recession ended so many jobs. As an employer, it may be a duty in 2016 to encourage your employees to get out of the office! There is enough stress to go around already.


Even when employees venture off to a vacation do they really disconnect? reports that when workers return to their job they often will lose one to two days of work from being behind. This fear could lead them to checking their email regularly during their time off or even trying to work remotely. Having proper backup for your employees could give them a lot of peace of mind!

As summer begins to close its door, check your vacation status. Don’t let those paid days go to waste! Getting away will be vital to maximized work potential upon your return.

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