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Guns in trucks, Whole Foods and restrictive scheduling in the law

The courts and legislatures have been busy, and several rulings and pending laws are applicable to employers. We’ll keep you updated as those cases most relevant to small to mid-sized businesses and HR come across the wire.

Lexology; Workplace Gun Laws Result in Compliance and Safety Concerns for Employers Several states, including Texas, have “guns in trucks” laws. (Texas also passed the Open Carry law, effective Jan. 1, 2016.) How will this affect employers, and are there additional qualifications that need to be taken?

Lexology: NLRB panel majority finds unlawful Whole Foods’ policy prohibiting employees from secretly recording conversations

Whole Foods is in the news again, and this time the policies in question are on recording interactions between employees. The NLRB found two policies unlawful, despite the positive intent that motivated them.

Lexology: Restrictive work scheduling legislation begins to gain traction

Laws on the federal, state and local level are up for review that would make the services industry as we know it a thing of the past. Arguing for worker stability rather than business productivity, the restrictive work scheduling laws would limit options for employers and employees.

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