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7 Ways to Help Employees Stay Healthy

It’s that time of year. Many of your employees have made a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle, drop some pounds, and get active in 2018. Unfortunately, on average, 80 percent of them will give up on their resolution by February. As an employer, you can still help employees stay active even after these resolutions are long forgotten by providing group fitness initiatives that help employees get active while building comradery. For example you could visit to see how you could customize your next business meeting.

Ready to get moving? Here are a seven ideas to get you started.

Host a Fitbit Challenge
If you have a healthy budget, consider supplying employees who are willing to participate in a challenge with a Fitbit. You can divide your company into teams and challenge them to walk a certain number of miles in a week, month, or even quarter. At the end of the time period, reward the winning team with a gift card to a local, healthy restaurant.

Create a Lottery for Participation
While yearly health exams might be a no-brainer for many, some employees will skip these important appointments. Consider hosting a monthly prize lottery and entering employees who have a yearly health exam or participate in the company wellness program.

Host On-site Fitness Classes
If you have the space, consider bringing in a fitness teacher on a monthly or weekly basis. Employees can take a free class while getting to know each other in a casual environment. Consider yoga, Zumba, or even dance classes.

Offer Healthy Snacks
Offering free cookies and chips to employees is cheap, but it doesn’t encourage a healthy lifestyle. Instead, consider offering healthy alternatives, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, sparkling water, and other healthy snacks.

Create a Wellness Stipend Program
A $50 stipend will cover many gym memberships, fitness classes, and fitness equipment. This can be offered to employees who participate in your wellness program.

Company-sponsored Sports Teams
Who doesn’t love a kickball tournament? Consider sponsoring a company-wide sports team and events for volleyball, softball, or kickball.

Bring in a Massage Therapist
Wellness programs should include ways for employees to relieve stress. A perk that every employee will love is on-site massages!

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