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High Unemployment Rates Enhance Your Candidate Pool

As of August 2020, according the Department of Labor, there are 13.6 million unemployed Americans. While that’s bad news for the country, the situation has its advantages for employers. Now is the time to enhance your hiring pool of job candidates! As an employer, hiring manager, or human resource (HR) manager, don’t waste your time, money, and resources on searching for the right candidate. There are several tactics and tools that can help you efficiently and effectively find quality candidates that won’t cost your company a fortune.

Discover tips to improve your initial candidate search and screening process so you only find the most capable and fitting job applicants.

  • Optimize Your Job Description
    • Carefully craft a job posting that attracts prime candidates with honest, compelling content. It should not only highlight job duties, but also be personable and transparent. The post should include job benefits, a salary range, and be fully optimized with keywords. Learn how to craft an accurate, undefeated job post.
  • Discuss Company Culture
    • It has become more common for job candidates to place company culture as a top priority when it comes to accepting a new job. New hires are more apt to stay at a company longer if they fit in well, if coworkers have a strong camaraderie, and if there is flexibility, such as working remotely and flexible hours.
  • Filter Incomplete Applications
    • As your job candidate pool grows, the first thing any employer, hiring manager, or HR manager should do is filter incomplete applications. How can you expect a candidate to perform well if they can’t complete a job application or follow instructions? And always, remember a candidate may not fit the role they are applying for, but if they possess exceptional experience, they may fit in another role, so file those applications for future-use.
  • Test Your Candidates
    • Once you’ve found a potential new hire, testing them is a great way to assess their abilities when it comes to performing job position-specific tasks. This HR tool can reveal if the candidate is really capable or bluffing through the interview process, as well as gauge how the candidate will perform in their role.
  • Automate Background Checks
    • Vetting candidates and making the right hire means knowing who you’re really hiring. Automated background checks can streamline the hiring process and make it more cost-efficient. Working with the right employment screening company is key. With KRESS, you can screen potential employees quickly and easily. Our automated screening process is user-friendly for both the candidate and employer, and it will save you time and money.

With unemployment at an all-time high, you have to do your due diligence on every qualified applicant. Avoid résumé and academic fraud, as well as criminal histories. Make sure you’re working with an experienced, reliable, tech-savvy pre-employment screening company so you aren’t taken advantage of while vetting resumes. Enhance your client pool with KRESS. Give us a call today at 888.636.3693 to learn more.

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