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Hiring for Skills, Our Reshaped Job Market, Fabricating Criminal Background Checks

In today’s Weekend Roundup, McKinsey & Co. look at how organizations can bridge the gap between talent demand and supply through skills-based matching, Politico examines how America’s job market has been completely reshaped by the pandemic, and a public school in New Orleans comes under investigation as allegations of school employees fabricating criminal background checks come to light. Click the headlines below to learn more.

Why Organizations are Hiring for Skills Over Experience

COVID-19 has forced companies to rapidly adapt to changing talent needs. More than 70 million U.S. workers filed for unemployment insurance from March through December last year. Now, more organizations are converting what were furloughs early in the pandemic to permanent job losses, according to a new report by McKinsey & Company. “While many companies have parted ways with workers, others—from E-commerce firms to grocery stores—are looking to bring more on,” the report said. “Many are struggling to fill open roles. This should spark organizations to rethink how they bridge the gap between talent demand and supply,” the report concluded.

How Coronavirus is Reshaping America’s Job Market

The coronavirus recession is forcing a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. workforce, triggering permanent job losses at an extraordinary rate and forcing millions of Americans to seek employment in entirely different industries. Just two-thirds of Americans were working for the same employer in September as they were in February, with the rest either landing new jobs or unemployed, according to the Real-Time Population Survey, a collaboration between researchers at Arizona State University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Brookings Institution researchers paint an even grimmer long-term picture, estimating that 42 percent of jobs lost due to COVID-19 will eventually be gone for good.

Police Report, Audit Detail Falsified Background Checks at James Singleton Charter School

Details from a police investigation and a legislative audit report are shining a new light on possible financial improprieties and possible criminal violations at a New Orleans public charter school. A police report obtained by WWL-TV details allegations that officials at James Singleton Charter School, which is run by the historic Dryades YMCA in the Central City neighborhood, fabricated criminal background checks for school employees.

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