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Have you ever just completely bombed a job interview or interviewed someone who has? A nationwide poll conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of highlights some of the biggest and funniest blunders people have committed during a job interview. Have you dealt with any of these massive blunders?

Strangest Job Interview Occurrences:

We can’t say we have run into any of these!

  • Candidate started screaming that the interview was too long.
  • Candidate took phone interview in bathroom – and flushed.
  • Candidate put lotion on her feet during the interview. 

Body Language Job Costing Mistakes:

Okay now this is a bit more common. The percentage relates to hiring managers that have said they denied a candidate for these reasons.

  • 67 percent: Failing to make eye contact
  • 39 percent: Failing to smile
  • 30 percent: Fidgeting too much in their seats

Ruining a Job Interview

These are the most common ways candidates have bombed out of their interview in a single blow!

  • 69 percent: Candidate is caught lying about something
  • 50 percent: Candidate dresses inappropriately
  • 50 percent: Candidate swears

Job interviews can be a bit of science and the hiring managers can read what each action means very well. That doesn’t mean we can’t get a good laugh out of it every now and then! Be sure to read the full article with results here.