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Hiring techniques: The Weekend Roundup

This week, the news is in HR is on hiring. In 2016, hiring has become an interesting proposition as employers face lines of unqualified candidates unable to match the positions that need to be filled. Freelancers and remote workers are in demand, but even these workers cannot fill the gaps most companies are experiencing. Additionally, candidates are still turning in falsified resumes, and Ban the Box legislation is making it harder to find the truth behind an application early in the process. TLNT, Inc. and HBR all bring strategies for hiring to the table this week, and while some of the ideas are time tested, they may help you sift through the noise to find that person you need.

Inc.: Why Jim Koch loves talking to bartenders, or scaling up one barrel at a time.

HBR: Interview Techniques That Get Beyond Canned Responses

If you’re ready to prepare a bit more for your next interview and delve into unexpected territory to see the real candidate, this article provides three techniques. All are supported with case studies, and they provide actionable techniques for HR professionals and interviewers faced with prepared answers and rote dialogue.

TLNT: How Strong Cultures Help Companies Win Talent — And Customers, Too

One of the interviewing techniques in the HBR article (spoiler alert) was to interview for cultural fit and have the candidate review the culture before the interview for a self-assessment. This aligns with the TLNT perspective—revealing your culture can bring executive talent to the table. If your culture aligns with their values, quality employees are more likely to join the team, and to stay. What is your mission? What do you stand for? There have been debates in the past about emotional vs. intellectual culture, or the ability of HR to create culture, but the bottom line is that what you stand for matters to talent and your prospective clients.

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