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How to Develop Better Supervisors

At all great companies, employees are motivated by supervisors who lead by example. Learning shouldn’t end for those promoted to senior-level positions. Supervisors’ skills need to be developed just as much as every one of their employees’ in order for an entire workforce to build a thriving business. As experts in employment, KRESS is happy to share many tips that improve our clients’ efficiency. Follow these suggestions to turn your company’s supervisors into superstars.

Invest in Your Team

There are many tools to train your team and enhance their abilities. There are conferences, workshops, webinars, and team-building activities to add more skills to your supervisors’ tool belt. There are endless leadership strategies for supervisors to leverage no matter the line of business. Having adequate knowledge gives supervisors the confidence to assume a leadership role to motivate and inspire their employees. Houston executives may be interested in attending this year’s Leadership Excellence Summit on October 9–12.

Make Sure Supervisors are Actually Supervising

It takes more than a title to be an effective supervisor. It is not uncommon for many supervisors to bury themselves under paperwork and administrative tasks. Push supervisors to delegate work accordingly so they can spend time on the floor engaging with employees and ensuring objectives are being executed up to par with your company’s standards.

Conduct Assessments

Even our supervisors have supervisors. Though most feel they have a strong grasp of the job, there is always room for improvement. All members of a leadership teams should undergo a performance assessment on a yearly basis. This will allow the individuals to address areas of improvement for the greatest impact.

Sometimes, entry-level employees who report to a supervisor have the best insight into what they should work on to better lead a team. Peer assessment surveys are an easy way to gain this insight. So, invite employees to complete these surveys to provide feedback on their supervisors and teammates. This insight is crucial for supervisors who don’t always get to see what occurs on the sales floor, production line, classroom, courtroom, or any other work environment!

Remember to Socialize

Regularly designate time for supervisors and their teams to socialize in a light-hearted environment where work may not be the main focus of conversation. It’s important for supervisors to build some rapport with their fellow employees for a mutually comfortable work relationship. It makes day-to-day interactions a lot less intimidating for employees to approach their supervisors and for some supervisors who might be a little nervous to delegate. Helping employees be more comfortable with one another is also tremendously helpful when dealing with conflict resolution or troubleshooting past mistakes.

Educate and Inspire

There are always new leadership skills, advances in technology, and industry updates for supervisors to stay on top of. Encourage supervisors to subscribe to newsletters, attend networking events, troubleshoot inefficient processes, and learn to effectively interact with their team.

Leaders should also prepare those under them to be supervisors some day. Everyone should be encouraged to come to work each day with the intention of getting one step closer to a promotion or their dream job with the support of the company. So, what plan does your company have in place to develop your team of supervisors? If you need help implementing an effective plan, KRESS can help. Call us today at 888-636-3693 to get started.

“We are not beginners forever, but we never stop learning.”—Sandra Scofield

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