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How to Help Your New Workplace Hire: A Weekend Roundup

We have all been the “new guy” at the office more than once in our lives. Starting a new job can be extremely stressful, especially if the duties become more high scale. Studies have shown that more than half of millennial workers simply say “yes” rather than ask questions, and that could be a bad thing when you are not clear. Are you going to be there to help them? These tips could certainly help.



Methods to Success

  1. Promote Asking Questions: Okay this one is pretty self-explanatory, but a hiring manager should try to get questions out of their new hire. If you don’t allow them to ask questions they may isolate themselves in a corner and not know what to do. You will realize it after a week of lost production! They may be more likely to ask questions from their peers, but the answers are more than likely better answered from the head honcho.
  2. Make Bonds Outside of the Office: The new hire is likely to eat lunch at their desk and by themselves. Either take them to lunch early on or assign them a partner to work with and go to lunch. Talking to somebody outside of a work environment creates trust. Creating trust will equal a much smoother working environment.
  3. Give Incentives For Volunteering: You want workers to be a self-starter and not everyone is right away. Let the new person know they are a valued member of the team and explain performance incentives in detail. They might feel overwhelmed, but a solid goal keeps them from being beaten down before you even begin!
  4. Check In: Some managers make a hire and then hardly talk to their recent hire again. You may be busy, but just checking in once or twice a week can go a long way. Make this a habit not only in the beginning but regularly through the year. Your employees need to know your concerns and you need to know theirs. This will save future drama, trust us!
  5. Make Things Fun-Ish: Employees need to know they aren’t joining some sort of prison camp. Let them have fun and be themselves, while having strict expectations! It is important for your new hire to have a solid first impression of the establishment. Bad first impressions can linger on for a month at the very least, and often take an excess amount of work to change. Workplace morale can be the single most important to keeping your job easier.

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