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HR and Management Weekend Round Up - July 19 2014

July 19, 2014 — July 20, 2014
Entrepreneur: “Employees Yearn to Learn: Here’s what you can do to help”

Image courtesy of Entrepreneur magazine.

There are many alternatives to the college campus now for learning, and employees are actively requesting help to improve their skill set. This article offers tips on how to provide employees with the industry or position specific education they crave.
Fast Company: “Why The Size of Your Company Doesn’t Matter”
Are you getting the most from the team you have, or are you waiting for growth to maximize your business? Read why small can be just as potent, or more so, than big.

OfficeVibe: “6 Tips for Creating Winning Teams”
Even though the term synergy is out of vogue, the idea of team building is still an important one. How can you build truly effective teams, without wasting time and money?

Wall Street Journal: “As Dodd-Frank Reaches Fourth Year, White Says There”s More Work to Do”

Critics argue that the legislation intended to protect economic growth has actually hampered the recovery, and all acknowledge more work is needed.

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