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HR and Management Weekend Round Up

May 24, 2014—May 26, 2014

Inc.: “4 Reasons to Turn Your Job Search Into a Contest”

There’s a new tool in the world of recruiting. While we have gaming as an option in hiring, now there’s GiveForward, a tool that allows every employee search to be customized and literally more rewarding.

Inc.: “Getting Results from a Flexible Workforce”

One of the benefits employers can offer that still carries weight is telecommuting, but managers have to manage the process well to get all employees on board. Here’s a few tips to make that happen.

Image courtesy of BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek: “Millenials in the Oil Industry ”

Oil and shale business is booming in the U.S., and the Millenials are looking to get in on it. There is a huge influx of younger workers, and they are investing and starting their own companies.

USAToday: “What Will It Take Small Businesses To Hire”

While some small businesses are looking to hire, surveys say as many as 75 percent are holding back. What would it take for them to hire? The answer is sometimes microeconomics and others macroeconomics, but rarely is it simple.

FOX Small Business: “Grow Your Business”

When  it’s time to scale your business in a uncertain market, how do you do it? Here are 5 tips to help you.
Fast Company: “5 Ways to Make Fewer Decisions”
Decision fatigue is real, and business leaders are likely to experience it. However, if you get the small decisions out of the way, you can focus on the large one.


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