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HR and Management Weekend Round Up - April 26 2014

April 26, 2014—April 27, 2014

Inc. magazine: “7 Meaningful Ways to Gauge Employee Happiness”

Are your employees happy? When was the last time you asked them? This article, in addition to presenting questions to ask, also prods employers to ask more frequently, in a low pressure manner, to get more authentic results. 

Wall Street Journal: “Companies Are Putting Managers In A Bind”

Companies are increasingly expecting managers to step up, but they are not giving them the training necessary to develop the skills they need. In this article, the WSJ focuses on how HR can help their team grow through these transitions and thrive in their new role. 

Here’s the deck on how Netfix manages talent that’s mentioned in the article and has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

NPA: Improving Candidate Experience

This infographic gives everyone a reminder of why it is important in the hiring process to give thought to the applicant and their experience.

Image courtesy of NPA

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