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May 10, 2014—May 11, 2014

BusinessWeek: “Advice for Small Businesses Considering Dropping Their Healthcare Coverage”

This Q & A piece presents truly helpful information about healthcare and specific scenarios from business owners looking at their options.

TLNT: “Survey: 60% of Workers Say Pay Is Very Important to Job Satisfaction”

For years, other motivators lead the job satisfaction surveys, but finally money is the primary need for employees. It might be low raises for several years, or it might be the current inflationary trends, but employees are not being subtle anymore.

Wall Street Journal: Should Companies Monitor Their Employees’ Social Media

A new survey reveals that of the almost 40 percent of employers who monitor social media, 43 percent found something that caused them to fire a candidate. This is a trend that is growing, and the article argues both sides (the desire for privacy and the drive to protect the company).

TLNT: “How Legalized Marijuana Is Changing Workplace Drug Policies”


Considering that the legalization of marijuana, medical and recreational, is affecting businesses in 20 states, it’s time to begin thinking about how this affects your workplace.