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HR and Management Weekend Round Up - June 7 2014

June 7, 2014-June 8, 2014

Forbes:  “How the Best Places to Work Are Nailing Employee Engagement

While everyone knows that Google is the top workplace in the U.S., it’s not feasible for every company to have nap pods, and a free snack bar complete with barista. This article gives realistic tips for improving employees’ perception of the workplace. 

Inc.: “How to be a better manager

One in three workers want to leave their job, and most are citing money as the number one need for workplace satisfaction. However, high on that list is also their relationship with their manager. Which personality traits do great managers emphasize? What matters most to employees?

Lexology: “It’s summer: how to treat your interns under the ACA

This year has been challenging for employers working with the new Affordable Care Act. Now, it’s time to consider how the ACA affects the summer interns.

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