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June 14, 2014–June 15, 2014

Inc.:  “How to Lead Authentically”

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This father and son CEO team show how to lead authentically and maintain that authenticity throughout the company.

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Money, from Time: “Work for the Man? That’s So Over”

It seems that there’s another unexpected wrinkle with hiring Millenials–they may not be interested in a job. Recent surveys have show that, even though the entrepreneurial spirit may be in decline, the next generation is more likely to build a business from the ground up.

Businessweek: “Grading States on Small-Business Friendliness

Texas is one of four states that received an A+ for small business friendliness in a recent Businessweek survey. One of the top reasons? Taxes, or better yet, the lack thereof. 

Fast Company: “Happy at Work”

Once again, Texas comes in at the top of the charts, but this time, it’s for the happiest employees. All four of the major Texas metro areas were in the top 25, with San Antonio and Austin in the top 10.