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HR and Management Weekend Round Up

June 21, 2014-June 22, 2014 “Did Jets miss something in background research on Mike Goodson?”

Though sports is not our usual purview, this article makes some great points that are relevant in any industry. In your pre-employment screen, it’s necessary to do your due diligence, but some things remain unpredictable. Apparently, even high profile hires don’t always turn out. 

The Washington Times:  “Contractor that vetted Snowden gets load of work after paying lobbyists”

It is as important to address neglect as more obvious issues that affect employee retention, according to newly released research.

Inc.: “The Seemingly Harmless Act That Leads to High Employee Turnover”

This year has been challenging for employers working with the new Affordable Care Act. Now, it’s time to consider how the ACA affects the summer interns.

Fistful of Talent: “What, The Bell Curve Lives?”

In talent management, a quota is not key to success; some might argue it is counterproductive. Apparently, Washington feels otherwise. 

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