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HR by machine and productivity updates: The weekend roundup

Happy Thanksgiving! Now, we’ve got to get there.

The productivity conversation continues this week, and there is more of an impetus than ever for HR to become more productive, not busy. Can you hire as well as a machine, because in low skilled jobs, an algorithm hires as well as a person.

Finally, we have legal updates for you. As the reports come out that are relevant to HR, we’ll keep you informed.

Human Resources

TLNT: Get off the phone and remember: HR is NOT just an order taker

For the past 10 years, there has been an underlying conversation in HR about getting “a seat at the table”. Many in the field continue to pursue this elusive goal to no avail, even in a time of talent crisis when HR is critical to the success of the business. Where is the disconnect? Ron Thomas of TLNT places it squarely on the shoulders of the HR professional.

“An athlete trains to become a better athlete. Writers write to become better writers.  Doctors practice to become better doctors. HR is no different. We have to train to become better practitioners, and our patient is our organization as well as our employees.”

His suggestion? Become more knowledgeable about the business and business environment so you can see beyond the incoming call.

Lexology: Nerds develop formula to replace HR managers

Bloomberg Business reports that an algorithm performed better at hiring than humans. This study was performed in a field with low skilled laborers, but the question on the table is how does HR ensure their future in hiring?


Productivity is still hot in business. Today, we continue the conversation. And for those of you who are more visual, we’ve got a guide to ultimate productivity in an infographic.

Seth Godin: Is productive the same as busy?

In a word, no. In many cases, you cannot be both at the same time. Which do you want to be? Read on for productivity tips.

The Huffington Post: 7 high-performance tips for adults with ADHD

ADHD adults, which is most of us apparently, can benefit greatly from the recent conversation on productivity. While many articles tout the benefits of day of task lists, this one focuses on creating a task list the night before. Also essential are creating goals, but this rings true for all people (remember the Harvard goal setting study touted by Stephen Covey for years?).

The most interesting idea here is creating protocols. By and large, we fail to estimate the time required to complete a given task. Most often, we underestimate. However, creating protocols and listing each step of the process helps us to realistically create timeline and thus goals.

Employee Scheduling Pro: ways to boost productivity at your small business

As the holidays approach, the productivity conversation continues. However, themes keep popping up—set new goals every morning, carve time out to be productive and use the tech available. This article, unlike other productivity pieces, focuses on how to incorporate these habits personally and throughout your small business.

Image: Samsung

Legal updates

If you’re in compliance, or you watch the EEOC and their cases, check out the EEOC Performance and Accountability report and an excellent, in-depth break down.

End of year reports are beginning to pop up—we’ll keep our eyes open for new releases relevant to HR and post them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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