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How HR Managers Can Help Reduce Employee Stress

Stress in the workplace—it can increase burnout, employee turnover, and decrease productivity. Unfortunately, reducing workplace stress is a difficult challenge for HR managers. It involves changing company culture, training managers, and setting new guidelines for employees. Reducing stress won’t happen overnight, and the amount of time it takes for departments to improve will vary.


Stress can come from multiple sources in any workplace, which makes every solution unique. Here are a few tips that will help you get started on your game plan:


Communicate effectively.

The majority of your staff most likely struggles with the same thing: asking for help. There is a societal stigma, which may be more pronounced in your company, that we need to handle our workload on our own. There may be times when employees need a helping hand. As a manager, you can help shift this stigma in your workplace.


Make sure that the team is aware of any resources that are available to them, such as the ability to work from home if needed. It’s also important to find out if employees feel as though their supervisors are taking their feedback seriously and if workloads are appropriate. This includes ensuring their all employees are picking up their slack. Employees should feel like they can share concerns with managers, and concerns should be communicated effectively on their part. For managers, clear communication needs to convey the resources available to everyone.


Host workshops.

Are you noticing a pattern in what triggers stress for employees? A few common sources may be prioritization, organizational skills, time management, and even delegation. If one of these is a common trigger, considering hiring an outside source to come in and host a workshop for employees.


They will be able to create plans and learn what solutions are available to them to reduce stress. Workshops are also a good time for employees to set goals on solving these triggers. They can also be a fun, team-building experience for employees. Bring in lunch and allow casual dress to make it a laid-back day.


Offer referrals for counseling.

For some employees, their stress levels may require help from an outside source. Very high stress levels can lead to burnout that can harm employees in both their work and personal lives. HR managers can provide a valuable resource for combating high stress levels by offering referrals for counseling and therapy. If your employee has health insurance, this is a good time to encourage them to use it. By offering them a referral, you are helping them make the first and difficult step of reaching out for help.


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