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HR resolutions: The weekend roundup

At one time, Jan. 1 and New Year’s Resolutions were single day events. Now, like Christmas, resolutions are stretching to encompass the entire month of January. So, if you haven’t set your resolutions yet, you still have plenty of time. (And, if you have and failed, simply restart.)

There’s a new HR experiment on the block, and it may (or may not) help you accomplish one of the management trends of 2016—finding new ways to source talent. And, there’s always the tried and tested case for feedback, but you must make it effective. Here’s to better business and HR practices in 2016.

Inc.: When No Resumes Make for Better Hiring

Some companies, is another HR experiment, are hiring blind. They are removing the resumes, the names and the interviews all together, giving candidates only assignments and reviewing the deliverables. This approach has been used for classical musicians for years (blind auditions), but will it work across the board? More importantly, would it work for you?

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TLNT: The Power of Feedback—Even When It Is Completely Unexpected

How do respond to negative feedback? Do you lash out, do you wall off or do you reach out and ask for help? The third approach, by far the least common, is also the most helpful to furthering your career. It’s how you respond to the feedback, no necessary the content therein, that determines the results.

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Seth Godin: Ten Questions for Work that Matters

  1. What are you doing that’s difficult?

Continue reading, but Godin does warn that the answers may lead to careful introspection.

Infographic from Hubspot: 4 ways your office is making you sick and how to fix it

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