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HR Tips: Essential Employee Engagement Survey Questions

You think employees are satisfied at your company—but do you have the data to back that up? Employee engagement surveys give human resource managers and department heads a better look into how employees feel about their workplace, colleagues, superiors, and even their own thoughts on their day-to-day work and goals. In a previous blog, [link to the blog above] we discussed how to make your employee engagement surveys useful and effective. Here are questions that will get you started on building that perfect survey:


Do you have a clear understanding of your promotion path and opportunities available to you?

Employees who build on their skills and responsibilities are more likely to value their work and stay with your company longer. This question will help you understand if your employees understand the promotion opportunities that are available to them. If many say no, they may feel like the company is stagnant.


Would you refer someone to work at [company name]?

If an employee would refer someone to your company, that’s a reflection on how satisfied they are in their position and within your company. If they’re happy with their current position, they are more likely to refer a friend to your company.


How would you rate your work-life balance on a scale of 1 to 10?

Work-life balance is important to keep employees productive and happy long-term. This question will give you insight into changes that might need to be made if many employees feel their work-life balance is leaning too far to work.


Do you feel like you are valued by colleagues and supervisors?

This is an important question that can reveal employee morale. If employees do not feel valued, then it may be time to evaluate your company’s culture.


Do you believe your team leaders take your feedback seriously?

Everyone needs to be able to accept feedback—especially managers. Asking this question will provide insight into how leaders are taking the feedback of their team.


How frequently do you receive recognition from your manager?

Do employees feel as though their hard work and contributions to the company go unnoticed? To foster a positive company culture, employees need to know that themselves and their work are valued.


Do you believe you’ll be able to reach your full potential here?

Employees want to work for an organization that will allow them to grow. The better the opportunities for growth, the more positive your company culture and employee retention will be.


Employee engagement surveys can be tricky to navigate, but these questions will provide you with a solid base. For more HR tips, take a look at our blog.

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