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HR Legislation Changes to Watch: The Weekend Roundup

Legislators have been working hard on HR legislation over the past few weeks, and various states and cities will see a tremendous impact on the ways they do business. Two weeks ago, the news that HR professionals are now potentially personally liable for FMLA violations was big news (and likely will be for some time to come). Now, we’re bringing you a compilation of the legislation most likely to affect HR that has passed in April. And, a completely safe cat video—read on to see why.

Lexology: New overtime rules may be here sooner than expected

While employers were anticipating the new overtime rules launching in early 2017, the release may come earlier than expected due to the Department of Labor’s recent correspondence with the White House. These rules will have a disproportionate effect on small businesses, and employers must prepare for the increased number of employees eligible for overtime pay sooner rather than later.

Lexology: Austin becomes the first Texas city to Ban the Box

In Texas, we have had Ban the Box in place in Travis County for some time, and the city of Austin incorporated Ban the Box policies with governmental offices. Now, Ban the Box has been extended to local private employers for companies with more than 15 employees that meet certain qualifications. Employers in Austin should immediately review the law in detail and assess if they are covered by the ordinance.

Lexology: How many times do I have to tell you not to open that cat video?

Cybersecurity: let’s give it up for common sense. As the saying goes, common sense is not so common. Take a minute to read some of the reasons why cyber attacks happen and how one company lost $81 million. We’ve included a perfectly safe cat video you can open any time you’re tempted.


Other local updates in employment law

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