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Innovation: The Weekend Roundup

Innovation: Are you ready for it? This week, HRMarketer kicks off with the topic of jobs and automation, and we’re taking a closer look. For some time now, there have been discussions about AI and automation and its effect on the job market. The more interesting question for HR professionals is how are they to recruit and to target candidates for the job they will need in the next five to 10 years. And, how will they continue to prove their own value in an increasingly automated world? Could HR be automated seamlessly or do we need HR professionals for their unique humanity and strategic insight?

That question has yet to be answered, but let’s start that discussion.

Horses for Sources: The jobs aren’t “going away” – they’ve already pretty much gone

Image: Horses for Sources

Are jobs going to continue to diminish, or has automation already taken the jobs that it can? This article makes the argument that automation has reached its potential—most of the jobs that can be automated already have. So, how do HR professionals and business leaders continue to lead their companies to the future? It’s by using technology to promote productivity in workers who will continue in their businesses.

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U.S. News: The Future Workforce

What does the workforce of the future look like? Analysts continually try to predict what’s coming to help us accurately invest and create a skill set or a business that will maintain relevance. This series, The Future Workforce, includes several articles that provides tools for business professionals.

The World Economic Forum: The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond

The phrase “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” is becoming more commonly used in discussions around the work world of the future (much likely McKinsey and the War for Talent 10 years ago). This is a primer on what that revolution is, what it means and how HR professionals can understand it and how it will apply to their business.

Image: genesisnanotech

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