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How Invite the Applicant Improves the Candidate Experience

For many HR managers, one of the most tedious aspects of their day-to-day responsibilities is entering and double-checking information for background checks. For applicants, on the other hand, the tedious work often comes in the form of typing up their falsified education history. That’s right—one of the most common pieces of falsified information on resumes is an applicant’s supposed education.

Making it easier for employers to be notified of falsified education history is one of the many reasons why we created our Invite the Applicant feature. Invite the Applicant does exactly what you might think. It allows your to invite your applicant to enter in their own information to be processed for a background check. This information can even include their education history.

Invite the Applicant not only improves the hiring process for applicants, but also helps HR managers and business owners save time. So how does it work?

  1. You, the employer, order a background check through our online ordering system by entering only a few lines of text.
  2. The applicant will receive an email containing a link inviting them to log into our secure system to fill out their personal information themselves.
  3. KRESS processes the background check and notifies you of any discrepancies or adverse information.

Through this process, applicants feel as though they are taking additional action and are a part of their vetting process. This agency increases engagement and happiness. It also lets applicants know that their privacy is a top priority to you.

At this point, you might be wondering where KRESS’ screeners retrieve the information needed to process background checks. We go directly past employers and educational institutions in order to find the information we need from reliable, documented sources. We follow the law as well as your preferences when retrieving this information, ensuring that we maintain privacy and consistency in your screening policy. We follow these policies when conducting our screens:

  • Researchers enter notes in real time, as they occur
  • We keep copies of every document acquired through the verification process
  • Policies ensure the source of information is reliable
  • We ensure the privacy of your applicant at all times
  • We employ advanced data security practices because security and privacy are top priorities

It only takes a few minutes to be up and running with our Invite the Applicant system. Contact us today at to get started!

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