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Is Your Driver Alright?

As a fleet operator, an accident involving one of your vehicles can have negative repercussions. However, an accident involving one of your vehicles driven by an employee with a suspended or revoked driver’s license is very damaging to your company! The legal liabilities are painful for many business owners to contemplate, which is why so many are contacting KRESS about continuous driver screening services.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 19 percent of motor vehicle fatalities involve drivers with invalid licenses. Employees with suspended driver’s licenses have a crash rate that is 14 times higher than drivers in good standing. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out which of your drivers present a clear and present danger to your business and to other motorists.

While it is a Department of Transportation (DOT) requirement to check a new driver’s motor vehicle records (MVRs) at the time of hire as well as annually, what do you do to monitor your employees’ driving behavior between annual reviews? MVRs are an ideal way to identify an unsafe driving history: However, it is simply a snapshot in time and is only as good as the day the record was pulled. Gaps between MVR checks could expose your company to possible fines, lawsuits, and more.

Relying on drivers to provide violation notifications or waiting for annual MVR reviews to learn about a recent citation or license revocation has proven to be sadly ineffective. Drivers are rarely willing to endanger their jobs in the interests of transparency. Consequently, your ability to quickly identify new citations as well as unlicensed and high-risk drivers each month can be an essential tool to help reduce fines and accidents—not to mention the costs of potential litigation, settlements, or judgments.

KRESS makes ongoing driver monitoring simple and easy for employers. We rely on our extensive screening network as well as innovative technology to deliver risk-mitigating insights that protect organizations’ bottom line and improve road safety. Once you sign up, your drivers are enrolled into driver record monitoring with each state licensing agency (DMV). Our customer support team will provide you with notifications that will best suit your needs, including email alerts sent to supervisors when new information shows up in a driver’s record. Commonly, these changes may include new moving violations, license suspensions, and DUI/DWI convictions.

Continuous driver screening can assist your company in maintaining a lower Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score. Motor carrier alerts provide a critical “heads up” when changes reported could potentially impact a carrier’s score.

Since motor carriers cannot use pre-employment screening reports for current drivers, driver monitoring can serve as a predictor for how a carrier’s score might change as a result of violations, once the carrier establishes a scoring baseline for their drivers.

Ongoing MVR monitoring also keeps track of historical crash information, including the frequency and severity of each incident, depending upon the state of record. A monitoring system can help manage all seven categories of the CSA BASICs, allowing motor carriers to maintain or lower their CSA score.

Is your organization considering adding continuous driver screening to your suite of employee screening services? Contact KRESS today. Our team of professional screening experts will help you determine the ideal package to protect your fleet of drivers.

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