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Is Your Job Candidate Lying to You?

Organizations conduct background checks on job candidates for a variety of reasons, including regulatory compliance and security. At the end of the day, though, nearly all background check services are implemented to answer one, fundamental question: Is this person who they claim to be?

Identity theft in the U.S. is on the rise, and some individuals are using new identities to land a job by evading background checks.

Identity services are a crucial component of any background check. Identity services are used in conjunction with personal information, public records, social security checks, as well as address history to e-verify job candidates. Our identity records also include an e-signature or wet signature for all online documents, offering employers peace of mind.

The identity check services KRESS offers include two primary components: Legal residence verification through E-verify and Social Security Number trace. The legal residence verification is a necessity for employers because the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) mandates that employers authenticate the employment eligibility status of newly hired employees and makes it illegal for employers to knowingly hire or continue to employ unauthorized workers. KRESS is a designated agent authorized by the DHS to perform I-9 employment authorization searches on behalf of clients. Employers must complete E-verify within three days of hiring, and KRESS makes this process quick and easy.

The Social Security Number trace acts as an identifier and reveals any alias names as well as past and present addresses associated with the Social Security Number. It’s a critical component of criminal history research as it is used as a roadmap to select court jurisdictions that should be researched for criminal records. Occasionally, a Social Security Number trace will come back with no results. This doesn’t automatically indicate that your applicant is in the country illegally, however. For young candidates, this simply means they have not applied for credit in the past, which is the information SSN traces are conducted with. To solve this issue, KRESS offers address history searches and other verification services to help confirm your candidates’ identity.

The reason why so many organizations—including international corporations such as ExxonMobil—trust KRESS with their identity services is because all our clients receive professional, discreet service every time. We combine cutting-edge technology with committed customer service, returning reliable, legally compliant reports on every job candidate considered for businesses both large and small quickly and efficiently.

Implementing identity services into your background screening policy adds another level of security, especially when hiring:

  • Remote employment job candidates
  • Contractors in the gig economy
  • Freelancers for an extended workforce
  • Positions in the financial services industry

Are you ready to confirm that your preferred job candidate is who they say they are? Contact KRESS today to get started.

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