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Is your next intrapreneur waiting in the wings? The Weekend Roundup

Intrapreneur: it’s the new thing that everyone want to be when they grow up. Less frightening that an entrepreneur, and yet more empowered than a line employee; for many, it’s the best of both worlds. But, how do you hire and nurture these intraprenuers?

Entrepreneur: 6 steps for converting employees into intrapreneurs

Intrapreneurs is a term gaining traction in the business world as more and more people seek to change their company from within. How can you create entrepreneurs? It’s less about creating and more about encouraging, according to the recent piece from Entrepreneur magazine.

Forbes: 2015’s most valuable organization: a changemaker company

Intrapreneurs are the next influential class of employee, but are they as effective in every organization? Clearly, no. Without the right support, access and freedom, an intrapreneur cannot grow or thrive. Employers can choose to accelerate growth from within or stifle.

Lexology: Questions that employers should avoid during the hiring process

Everyday the hiring process is becoming more complex. HR professionals are forced to balance the need to protect their company from a bad hire with compliance requirements. Here’s a list of the issues that are completely off the table.

Mondaq: United States: State Appellate Court Considers Employer’s Duty To Conduct Criminal Background Checks

Recently, a staffing agency was taken to court for choosing not to require a background check for an employee. The case was in Texas, and even though the court decided in favor of the employer, there are no guarantees that such a lawsuit will not arise again. Employers must make an informed decision as to whether or not do background checks.

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