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Is Your Valentine Hiding Something?

How to Find Out if Your Date is a Sex Offender

When it comes to dating, you don’t always know exactly who you’re meeting. To empower yourself with knowledge, KRESS advises that you run a simple search through the sex offender registry for your state. By running this check, you’re taking a simple step to protect yourself. Even some dating apps are looking at how to protect their users from sex offenders.

How to Check Their Record
Do a little sleuthing, and once you have your date’s name and birthday, you can run a basic check in the sex offender registry. If you run the search and get a hit, you will find photos, a full name, and their age. If the results match your Valentine, it’s time to put a stop to Cupid’s arrow before it strikes.

Take the time to research your potential partner. This information empowers you to make a fully informed decision on whether to move forward. You can find additional resources and databases on our blog, here.

Additional Resources

Texas Sex Offender Registry

Department of Justice National—Sex Offender Website

FBI Sex Offender Website (The FBI has links to most state registries.)

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