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It’s all in the family: The weekend roundup

The big news today is not Mark Zuckerberg’s two month leave from Facebook at the birth of his child, but the expansion of a four-month leave policy to all expectant parents. While many are focused on the creation of a family friendly workplace, legislators are attempting to create a more human friendly workplace with equal pay laws in California and nationally the OPM is proposing Ban the Box. The workplace is focused on productivity, but who that productivity comes from is of decreasing importance.

SHRM: OPM to Propose Ban-the-Box Rule in May 2016

On Nov. 2, 2015, President Obama directed the Office of Personnel Management to Ban the Box. Now, the OPM is planning on proposing a rule to forbid all federal agencies from asking about an applicants’ criminal background until they are referred to a hiring manager. The trend to Ban the Box is increasing in popularity, but it is legislated differently by cities, states and companies. Employers must tread carefully to ensure they are compliant with the law in all operations.

ERE: How California’s Equal Pay Law Affects All Employers

California has passed the strongest equal pay law, and it goes into effect next month. It is intended to resolve pay inequality in all professions, both female and male dominated. The legislation has created a need for all employers to record the job duties performed for each job and the pay for each employee to ensure equality.

Entrepreneur: Facebook Expands Parental Leave Ahead of the Birth of Mark Zuckerberg’s Baby

Facebook now offers all employees four months of leave for the birth of a child to all its employees, and it can be taken anytime in the child’s first year of birth or adoption. (CEO Zuckerberg is only taking two months off.) Tech firms are leading the way in family leave policies, with Netflix offering unlimited time off in the child’s first year last fall.

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