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Keep an Eye on Your Employees with Continuous Background Checks

Did you know 48 percent of employers do not re-screen employees after they’re hired, even though they may pose significant ongoing risk due to their access to company assets, customers, and colleagues?

Most companies screen for red flags in their employees’ work, legal, or educational history just once, before they’re hired. The problem is that those background checks only represent a moment in time. If an employee commits a crime, has a license revoked, or loses work authorization after being hired, their employer may never find out without a continuous background check policy. A company can run continuous background checks annually like some transportation companies do to monitor criminal and driving records or ever so many years.

Here’s a look at some of the other pros to conducting continuous background checks.

Keep up with employee credentials/qualifications: Criminal offenses are not the only changes that could affect your business. If an employee holds a professional license or certification, it is critical to verify it on an annual basis to ensure that the employee meets the proper requirements for the job. Other times, employers may want to keep track of motor vehicle reports/driving records, industry-specific sanction lists, and credit reports of an employee.

Correct mistakes made during initial hiring process: Sometimes job candidates don’t go through a background screening. Others simply were not vetted properly in the pre-employment process. Whatever the reason they slipped through the cracks, it’s critical to ensure that the most accurate information is obtained about the job candidate.

Some employers see continuous background checks only as an added cost with limited benefit. It’s a shortsighted view that has come back to bite many employers around the world. In the long run, re-screening employees eliminates potentially crippling liabilities and plays an important role in maintaining a safe and trusting workplace. Learn how to protect your company with KRESS.

An effective continuous background checks policy created by experienced professionals helps maintain compliance with applicable regulations and mitigate liability and safety risks. Continuous background checks may also be required for the underwriting purposes if an employee uses a company vehicle. Our team is available to take your questions and draft customized protocols for your business. Call us today at 888.636.3693.



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