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How to Keep Your Holiday Party in Check: A Weekend Roundup

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Office holiday parties are right around the corner. Work parties are an important part of team-building and unwinding, but it’s important for employees to remember that professionalism still applies—even after hours. The last thing you want is an office party gone wrong! There’s even a movie about an outrageous office party in theaters this month. To keep your Christmas party in check, we’ve put together a few things to remember when planning the details and what to remind employees of:

There’s No Such Thing as Over-Planning for Christmas Parties

Limit Alcohol

When providing alcohol at company parties, it’s important to think of all risk factors involved. Everything from barring shots to providing a ride service to ensure employees get home safely should be considered. Here are a few things you may consider if serving alcohol.

  • Limit the kind of alcohol served, such as only providing wine and beer.
  • Limit the number of drinks per employee by providing drink tickets.
  • Cut off alcohol an hour before the party ends.
  • Instruct bartenders not to serve shots.
  • Start the party right after work. This will prevent “pre-gaming” outside the office.

Plan an Activity

Think of the party as a team-building exercise. Pre-planned activities can keep the party from spiraling out of control. An activity as simple as Secret Santa or White Elephant can provide a half-hour of fun.

Lose the Mistletoe

This one doesn’t need explaining! Forget party games that involve physical contact or revealing personal secrets. It’s best to stick to your office’s usual bank of team-building games.

Limit the Hours

Three hours is just about the perfect length for an office party. It allows for time to employees to arrive late if they’re still hard at work, and it provides time for both mingling and games.

Monitor Behavior

For larger parties, it may be beneficial to appoint a manager from each department to monitor behavior and make sure things don’t get out of hand.

Send a Memo to Employees

You may feel it’s necessary to send a memo to employees about their expected behavior at the party. This is a quick list of things to include in a memo. Remind employees not to:

  • Drink too much.
  • Pursue unwanted physical contact.
  • Drive home if they have been drinking.
  • Dance provocatively.
  • Engage in romantic behavior with a co-worker.

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