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Keeping HR in the know: The weekend roundup

Last week, Buffer admitted they’d lost half their social referral traffic in the past 12 months. One of the reasons they postulated was because of content overload—there’s simply too much for them to read. So, today a law firm published a list of top HR blogs, and we thought we’d add a bit to it. We use Feedly to organize our reading—it’s a great tool.

Hennig Ruiz Law Firm: HR Blogs every employee should be reading

Time to update your reading list! If you’re not reading HRBartender and Evil HR Lady, you are out of the loop. These are recommended reading not only for managers, but also for employees. It’s good to be in the know.

In honor of these top bloggers, we’ve got their content lineup for today. (And, we’re going to add Tim Sackett and Laurie Reuittman to the list as well.

HRBartender: Missing Evaluations: How to Handle

One of the best things about HRBartender is that the advice is apropriate to everyday work. At a time when performance reviews are top of mind, the topic is how to deal with the unforeseen problems that may arise.

Evil HR Lady: What Sesame Street’s newest Muppet says about workplace diversity

How can HR seek true diversity? Sometimes, it involves going off script for the interview and looking beyond what are traditionally considered mistakes. Lucas takes us beyond the kid’s character to potential change in the workplace in a generation.

Ask a Manager: I’ve been a job-hopper — how can I start fixing my work history?

Like HRBartender, this blog is all about helping you work through the issues of everyday work. My favorite feature of this blog is the search bar—if you have a question you’d need to ask a manager but never had the guts to, search and you’ll likely find that it’s been answered.

Corn on the Job: The workplace that employers will need to have in the future

Today, it’s all about the finding from recent workplace trends survey. You can download the survey yourself and read through it, or you can trust bloggers like Dematteo to digest it for you and pull the best parts. Bloggers do a great job of this, and it’s a fast way to keep abreast of industry trends.

The HR Minion: Overthinking it

Just as she’s recognized, she posts that the blog is going offline. We’ll miss her!

HR Ringleader: 7 steps to take after attending a conference

The advice here is more targeted to HR leadership, and she offers pieces on professional growth as well as work management. With more work responsibilities than ever, sometimes a cheat sheet is helpful, and MacFarlane is a great source.

Tim Sackett: Elevated by eHarmony

Tim does a great job of offering news on the HR industry from an insider’s perspective as well as sage advice that you’d love to hear from someone in your office. He’s posted pics of Homer Simpson to support his assertions, and he offered a voice of reason during the Ebola crisis. Humor combined with experience makes this one of our favorite blogs to read.

Laurie Rueittman: The mending pile of your life

You never know what you’re going to get, but it always makes for good reading. After following Rueittman for some time on Fistful of Talent and her blog, we know she likes cats, running and HR. Her authentic tone and insight keep us coming back for more.

Who are your favorite HR bloggers?

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