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KRESS Makes Ordering Annual Driving Records Easy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time to run your annual MVR screenings!

You put people, goods, services and reputation in the hands of every driver you hire. While a motor vehicle report (MVR) allows you to screen employees who are behind the wheels, your annual rescreens are essential to the safety of everyone on an ongoing basis.

Now, until December 31st, KRESS is offering 50% OFF all annual MVRs completed in December! Don’t wait. These savings are too good to pass up! **Must be on annual runs of 50 or more**

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Want to know the FACTS about MVRs? Then, keep reading.

Every time a company driver gets behind the wheel, your company’s reputation is in their hands. That makes hiring the best drivers and staying DOT-compliant critical to your business. If you’re hiring a new driver or it’s been a year since you’ve screened your current employees, then there’s no question that you need to order an MVR. This applies to any employee who will operate a vehicle during their time of employment. For many new HR managers, it’s often hard to determine where to start.

Do I need to order an MVR or CDLIS?

You are always required to order an MVR for a company driver, and a CDLIS is recommended in many cases. For more details on whether you need to order a CDLIS, please contact a KRESS representative so we are able to get you the most current information.

What is an MVR?

Quite simply, an MVR is a report on an individual’s driving history. Ordering an MVR is much like ordering a background check—you must have the consent of your employee. It’s also a great way to identify candidates or employees with unsafe driving records, so as to limit your risk and liability. The records provided highlight driving history over the past three to seven years and includes all personal identifiers as well as offenses and citations.

A standard motor vehicle record that goes back at least three years identifying any prior violations, accidents, criminal charges, suspensions, convictions, and license revocations is also retrieved. An MVR also checks for any restrictions on use and the status of the driver’s current license.

What is a CDLIS?

A CDLIS helps document the issuance and withdrawal of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) by the State Driver’s License Agencies (SDLAs) in the existing CDLIS jurisdictions (this includes the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia).

At KRESS, we know that ordering MVRs isn’t always an easy task. That’s why our system makes it as simple as possible for you to order. Here’s how:

  1. Bulk Discounts: Bulk discounts are available when submitting your annual MVR order of 50 or more during the month of December.
  2. Simple Spreadsheets: Ordering is easier than ever. By using our simple online system or our pre-formatted spreadsheet, you are able to provide your employee data in one large batch. After which, we’ll take care of the rest.
  3. DOT-compliance: Our MVR screening is DOT-and FCRSA-compliant. Be content in knowing you’re prepared for your next audit.
  4. Streamlined Results: No need to receive your results one at a time, since we are able to batch or consolidate driving history results to fit your needs best. We organize results in separate files or in a continuous PDF to meet your personal, insurance company, or compliance needs.

Ready to submit your first order or request a quote? Then contact us at (866) 338-8469.

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