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KRESS Now Providing NABSC Screening Programs

KRESS is an experienced pre-employment screening provider with a reputation among employers for accurate results and superlative service. Now, we’ve been recognized by our peers, as well. KRESS is proud to announce that we’ve been certified as a screening program provider of the North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC) for our consistency and professionalism.

The North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC) is a standardized criminal background screening program initiated and developed by industry groups representing the interests of industrial facility owners, including HBR, GBRIA, and GNOBR. NABSC-certified members are recognized for their excellence in identifying individuals who may pose a risk to owners’ financial assets and personnel or cause serious safety incidents, workplace violence, domestic terrorist acts, and theft of materials, equipment, or technology.

KRESS and our NABSC colleagues share a standardized screening program with common criteria requirements in order to improve consistency of its application and reduce the administrative effort required from contractor employers. In short, our standards of service will be agreed upon and shared by the other leaders in the Texas background screening industry to provide seamless service to our clientele.

Under the NABSC program requirements, our participating clients will need a new background screen run every two years in order to maintain an “active” status within NABSC. An owner may elect to waive this or grandfather contractor employees with long-term, unbroken tenure at an owner’s site. However, beyond two years, these employees will be listed as “inactive” in the NABSC program. “Active” employees in the program will have a standard background check on record that will be recognized by all other NABSC-participating facility owners and contractor employers, making hirings faster and easier.

The NABSC process will not add time to KRESS’ existing background screening methodology. There will be no real changes to our procedures at all. The only change is that KRESS will now better accommodate clients who will be participating in the NABSC screening program.

If you have any questions about NABSC or the program’s requirements, don’t hesitate to contact KRESS today to speak to our team of background screening experts.

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