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Legal updates or emotional office: The weekend roundup

Right now, there is news in two wildly diverse quadrants of HR: People are either reading up on employee joy and the emotional office, or they are checking out the barrage of legal updates that will affect business owners and HR professionals. KRESS Inc. is tracking both conversations, and we’ll keep you updated on the news you want.

The emotional office, beneficial firing & an all-ages workplace

An all-ages workplace: The workplace returns to pre-1965 levels

(CHART OF THE DAY: More Americans are Working Longer from @SteveBoese)

The focus as of late has been on the Millennials and the “Founders” entering the workforce, but what about those who aren’t ready to leave yet? As older workers make up a larger percentage of the workforce than they have in recent memory (but, importantly, not ever as the same trends were seen in the 1960s with the Greatest Generation), employers must be more sensitive to their hiring biases and appreciate the benefits of workers who have been in the know for decades rather than moments.

TLNT: It’s Unfair To NOT Fire People

Everyone hates to fire—and usually those who hate it the most are in HR. However, there is a time to pull the trigger, and this article points out why you need to do it, when and how. It’s all about getting the right people in the right seats on the bus, and sometimes that means you have to remove the wrong ones from the seats they are occupying.

Entrepreneur: How the New Emotional Workplace Affects Hiring, Retention and Culture

INFP, ENTJ…blue, red, yellow, green…introvert, extrovert…if these terms ring a bell for you, you are likely a part of the American workforce that has been subject to personality testing and conversations around team dynamics for several decades. Regardless of your color or Myers-Briggs type, you know that who you are affects how you work. The new trend is applying metadata to discover who employees are and applying that to hiring, retention and culture. Once again, the responsibility falls on HR to manage the emotional workplace.

More about happy offices from HRZone:

HR Legal Updates for the week

(from Lexology)

Jackson Lewis: Vermont Governor Signs Ban the Box Legislation; Connecticut Governor Expected to Sign Such Law

Vermont is the latest state to implement “Ban the Box”, and Connecticut is soon to follow. Both states are expected to implement legislation on July 1, 2017. The legislation in each instance of Ban the Box or Fair Chance legislation is slightly different—if you do business in either Connecticut or Vermont, consult with your employment screening firm to ensure your paperwork is in order before the legislation goes into effect.


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