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Background checks start as low as $19.95 with no contracts.

Make Every Hire the Right Hire

KRESS makes hiring fast, simple, and reliable. We offer pre-and-post employment screening services to businesses across all industries that are FCRA compliant. We are the preferred screening vendor/managed service provider for ExxonMobil, Firestone, BP, Shell, the City of Houston, InGenesis, and many other corporations.

Our easy-to-use online portal and customized screening options help employers make the right hire from the start. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on revolving-door employees. Our online ordering system for background checks is set-up to work with existing policies or let KRESS create a solution for you. Our passion is to develop customized solutions that fit your budget and screening options to fit your company’s needs. KRESS will quickly verify your business and set-up an account with no fees, minimum monthly usage levels, or contracts.

Once we set up your account, we will help guide you through the multiple and convenient ways you can order and receive your background checks. You can access them through email, fax, XML integration or through our online portal. You can also determine the best routing options for report information to be disseminated and delivered to you and your team members. We have a customizable system that allows you to create multiple account locations, security levels, and billing procedures.

Pros of using KRESS:
Online portal – A good deal of employment background screening companies have online portals; however, we go the extra mile by allowing candidates to have access to their background checks, submit information and dispute any adverse information that may come up. The user-friendly experience makes for streamlined background checks.

Customizable – We offer background screening services with solutions designed to fit your company’s needs by screening for identity records, public records, driving records, verification of educational degrees, work history, professional licenses, certifications and set-up drug screenings.

Cost-effective – We pride ourselves on fast, accurate, and compliant background checks reports. We work with large oil and gas companies to livery companies and understand the need to be cost-effective. Our packages start as low as $19.99 and we can customize any package to fit your needs and budget.

Consult with our HR services experts on how our background checks might benefit your business.

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