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Make Pre-employment Verification Screening Simple

Education and work history is the most often falsified information given to potential employers. More than half of all employers will receive resumes with this information falsified by candidates, which can increase recruiting costs and lengthen the time it will take to select and onboard new employees.

In order to mitigate risk, you need to verify the qualifications of potential employees, including education, certification, employment history, reference checks, and industry-specific verifications. This is called pre-employment verification. If your company is considering verifying the information of an applicant, here are the most common verifications:

Education Verification

Education history is the most falsified information on a resume. In order to verify that your applicant has provided accurate education information, KRESS verifies the candidate’s degrees and dates of attendance.

Employment Verification

To verify that employment history is accurate, salary history, the reason for termination, eligibility for rehire, starting and ending positions, and dates of employment are verified.

KRESS verifies seven years of past employment history for one, flat rate, no matter how many employers the candidate provides

Reference Verification

Reference verification results offer insight into a candidate’s trustworthiness, reliability, competency, and integrity. A verification of business and/or personal credentials is a valuable source of information about the applicant’s general image as perceived by others.

Professional License Verification

A professional license verification confirms your candidates’ representations about their qualifications by authenticating the veracity of your candidates’ license and indicates if it is currently in good standing and issued in the candidate’s name.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? KRESS Employment Screening also offers OIG/GSA and industry-specific verifications for a number of fields. To request a sample verification or custom quote, contact us today.

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