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How to Manage Your Workplace Distractions?: A Weekend Roundup

How to Manage Your Workplace Distractions?

Let’s be real in a nine to ten hour work day it’s hard to not get distracted at some point. Many people battle distractions throughout the day that may or may not prevent them from completing important tasks. Forbes compiled a list of the most tempting workplace distractions. Some of the top distractions include gossiping co-workers, TV’s in the workplace, and constant email alerts that interrupt your vibe.


This article by Mind Tools gets more specific about training your mind in the workplace to avoid lengthy distractions. The data indicates that distractions on the internet takes an average of 23 minutes out of your day. Lost time has accumulated to U.S. employers losing $997 million a year!

The distractions are not always technology led however. Confusion is one of the top reasons for distraction. When an employee gets confused they typically do not maximize their workplace production. You will need to find a way to create to-do lists that keep your day as focused as possible so when you do hit a stumbling block it does not interfere with pressing deadlines.

Most importantly, know why you are at work and what you need to get done! Frontload your weeks and get key tasks done ahead of time. When you are ahead of schedule you will find that you are able to breathe easier while the week closes down.

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