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Mandatory sick leave and unhappy employees: The weekend roundup

This week, President Obama added another executive order to influence employers—this one states that all federal contract employees will have mandatory paid sick leave. This is the latest in a series of executive orders to change the labor market. However, not all employees are happy with changes to their benefits—especially the workers at the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic Beach. If you want to avoid a similar situation, please see the graphic on influencing employee satisfaction from

WSJ: Obama Orders Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractor Employees

On Monday, in conjunction with the Labor Day holiday, President Barack Obama signed an executive order mandating paid sick leave for all federal employees. The president is also urging Congress to create legislation that will create similar mandates for all private sector employees as well.

HBR: Why More and More Companies Are Ditching Performance Ratings

More than 70% of companies are reconsidering their performance review process, and many larger firms have abandoned the annual and quarterly review process completely. Why? The workforce is changing, and a leaner, more efficient review system is needed.

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TLNT: The top 10 mistakes that interviewers make

If you play a part in the hiring process, you know how essential it is to get it right. A wrong hire can set your company back in terms of time, money and productivity. But, hiring is becoming more and more difficult because of the interview-savvy (and sometimes dishonest) applicants. How can you tell the difference between someone who washes up well and a future employee who will make a real difference at your company? TLNT has a few tips. Workers at troubled Atlantic City casinos put complaints in lights


The HR team is often help responsible for employee satisfaction, and at the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic Beach, there are clearly some issues. However, these issues are above and beyond HR, issuing from a potential acquisition by Carl Icahn.

How much could unhappy employees cost you, and what can you do about it? Check out the infographic and slideshare deck from weekdone.



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