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Monitor Employees Driving, Women and Minorities Leaving Equity Firms, and How to Recognize Skill Gaps

In today’s Weekend Roundup, discover how to monitor your drivers’ safety, why women and minorities are leaving private firms, and how to fix the skills gap in your company. Click the headlines below to learn more!

How to Monitor Hard Braking and Acceleration

If your team is constantly on the road, you have ample reason to worry about your drivers’ safety. There are 6 million car accidents per year on average, with 90 traffic-related deaths per day. Your drivers must do everything they can to maximize safety for both themselves and other motorists. Unfortunately, traffic accidents can also severely impact your bottom line, so driver safety is both a business and ethical consideration.

Hard braking and acceleration–together known as hard driving–are leading causes of such accidents. Luckily, tools available in GPS fleet tracking software make it easier to identify and reduce hard driving in your fleet.

Women, Minorities are Queuing up to Leave Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms risk a wave of post-pandemic resignations from women and ethnic minorities. A quarter of all women and a third of Black, Asian and minority ethnic industry professionals surveyed by Investec Plc said they wanted to leave their employer in the next 12 months. While resignations across many industries are expected to surge in the wake of the pandemic, the discontent among specific demographic groups will be a blow to private equity. Already one of the most male-dominated sectors in finance, it still has a long way to go to attract a more diverse work force.

How to Recognize the Skills Gap in Your Company and Rectify Them

A skills gap is the difference between the skills an employee has and the ones they need to do their job. It could also be the difference between the skills a company needs to achieve its strategic goals and the skills of its employees.

Knowing your skills gaps makes hiring easier as you can look for candidates with the skills your company needs. Identifying skills gaps can also help you create an effective training and development program for your employees.

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