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A significant portion of our workforce is currently working from home. This makes many HR and employers nervous. The solution to safeguarding your company lies in one simple service—the KRESS SHIELD.

Most companies screen for red flags in their employees’ work, legal, or educational history just once—before they’re hired. The problem is that those background checks only represent a moment in time. If an employee commits a crime, has a license revoked, or loses work authorization after being hired, their employer may never find out without a continuous background check policy.

The KRESS SHIELD is a continuous background check policy utilized by the healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas industries. Businesses that rely on drivers are also adopting the KRESS SHIELD to monitor employee-driving offenses. Any employer concerned about the damage that could be done to his or her business by an employee breaking the law should consider the KRESS SHIELD, especially while they are working remotely. The benefits of such a policy relative to the costs are crystal clear.

KRESS recommends running background checks annually, or even more often, during their personnel’s employment period. Let’s explore why many businesses choose the KRESS SHIELD.

What is the KRESS SHIELD?

This is a workplace policy that monitors employee records, such as criminal records, driving records, and credit reports, regularly. The changing workplace makes it essential to manage risk, and employers must be proactive. When a background check is conducted during the hiring process, it cannot be updated after a person is hired. With a continuous background check policy, employers can monitor their workforce, avoiding fraud, workplace harassment, and even embezzlement.

The KRESS SHIELD helps HR and employers:

  • Reassess their liability.
    • Monitoring employees can reveal if they have been recently charged with a crime, possess an expired license, and even hold them accountable for their behavior.
  • Protect their investment and save money.
    • By conducting continuous background checks, a company can avoid fraud and even theft by employees, as well as amplify the safety of their workforce and customers by removing troubled employees.
  • Avoid liabilities that can lead to lawsuits.
    • When employers are proactive and not reactive to identifying problems or risk from drug use, expired licenses, and criminal charges, they avoid potential legal problems that can be costly and damaging to their business.

KRESS SHIELD monitors these records:

  • Traffic violation*
  • National crime
  • State crime
  • Sex offender
  • Terrorist watch list
  • Arrest registry

Shield your company from lawsuits and safeguard your workforce from the danger posed by employees who could be a threat to company assets and customers. The KRESS SHIELD is an HR solution that’s proactive, not reactive. It’s time to commit to continuous background screenings for employees.

Our HR experts are available to answer your questions and help you shield your business. If you’d like to work with the HR professionals and discover the KRESS difference, contact us today.

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