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Optimize Your Recruiting Cycle For 2021 and Beyond

Finding the right candidate for an open position can seem like an overwhelming task. However, understanding recruiting cycles is a great way to improve your hiring ability and a comfortable way to ease into the new year.

Tip: Audit your company and set a budget.

The first quarter of the year is a prime time to begin looking for the right hire—your budget is set, and fellow employees are taking less time off at the start of the year, thus speeding up the hiring process. January and February are fueled by this and recruitment is at a peak during this time.

Tip: Look into hiring soon-to-be graduates.

The second quarter is still stimulated by the first quarter, and at this point the candidate pool will grow due to soon-to-be university graduates looking for work. This is also a peak time for the construction, hospitality, and agriculture industry to hire.

Tip: Prep and strategize for next quarter hiring.

The third quarter typically sees a dip in hiring. However, certain industries like education see a boom, such as academic institutions looking to fill positions before the start of the school year. During this lull, it’s a good time for employers to prepare and strategize for the pinnacle season of hiring—the fall.

Tip: Think ahead and begin planning for next year.

As the fourth quarter rolls in, hiring is at its peak, retailers begin their seasonal hiring, and employers implement a smoother and faster hiring process as decision-makers are no longer on vacation. As the end of the year nears, this is a time to think ahead, set your budget for the new year, and network.

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