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Performance reviews and open enrollment: The weekend roundup

Q3 is always a busy time for HR. With performance reviews and open enrollment, HR people are shuffling from one activity to another. This week, we’ve got tips on how to manage performance reviews and open enrollment as well as a piece for a bit of encouragement. Millennials think performance reviews suck

Two weeks ago, the weekend roundup was all about performance review. So, it comes as no surprise that the conversation is ongoing in Q3. This article, based on a survey from TriNet, targets one group that hates performance reviews most of all: Millennials. They feel blindsided and are often in the dark about performance. While we can all speculate to the cause on this one, the effect for businesses is the more interesting question. If you know that a growing portion of your work base hates their annual review, how do you change your company’s behavior? Ongoing reviews, weekly meetings, software that tracks regular performance and creates opportunities for discussion are all options companies are utilizing to keep all their employees on the same page and increase productivity throughout the yea rather than just in Q3 when the performance review looms.

Entrepreneur: Four things your employees want you to care more about

How can you make your employees a little happier? Turns out, personal relationships and meaningful work are still valued by your employees. At this time of year, another important factor is cropping up: financial health. When employees are considering their healthcare options, this may also be the time to offer some financial literacy classes, as 37 percent of employees missed work last year due to a financial emergency. While we all can’t be Gravity, we can offer employees the tools to manage their financial lies a bit better. Ten tips for a smooth benefits open enrollment

It’s that time again. While you have some employees who just sign on the line every year, the number is diminishing as the options for health care increase. To keep your employees on board (and lessen the number of complaints to HR about healthcare as the plans go into effect Jan. 1), check out these tips for simplifying the process. (Our favorite tip? Highlight major benefit changes. A few employees will be interested in the nitty gritty, but most will only want the high level overview.)

The HR Capitalist: Good HR? Steve Jobs might say it’s a bicycle for your career

While this isn’t about benefits or anything else that’s happening this week, the article and the concept is thought-provoking and worth sharing. If you’re in HR, you have the capability to enable people to move and transact faster, more efficiently and excel. Are you a bicycle for your employees’ careers, or are they still walking?

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