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Performance reviews: everyone dreads them, and most of us try to sandwich the annual review somewhere between the start of the school year and the holidays. So, if you have a spate of reviews coming up, you’re not alone. But, increasingly, companies are dropping annual performance reviews, and some are forgoing the concept all together. Where do you stand?

LinkedIn: What if we thought like Olympic athletes?

Performance, in one way or another, must be reviewed for us to be our best. (What if we had kept the same handwriting we had at 7 because no one told us we could do better?) But, there has to be a better way. What if we followed the examples of Olympic coaches, who regularly pull the best from their athletes?

SHRM: Is the annual performance review dead?

In August, GE scrapped the annual reviews, and they were one of several Fortune 500 to leave these behind. Another HR professional made the argument that this is the beginning of a trend. When SHRM pressed further, they found that 9 out of 10 HR managers were unhappy with performance reviews. Performance reviews didn’t fare much better in the eyes of employees.

JDSupra: EEOC Criminal Background Check Cases Come With Big Price Tags for All Parties

In September, The BMW case was settled. The company entered into a consent decree with the EEOC to pay $1.6 million to employees who were not rehired due to their criminal history. These cases have increased in numbers in the past two years, and the pay outs are high. Employers must ensure they are compliant with the EEOC.

Entrepreneur: Employee engagement is more important than the customer

How do you keep your employees engaged? Turns out, regular feedback (an alternative to performance reviews) is the top of the list. If you’re wondering how to create better customer experiences, it’s up to you to create better employee relationships.

TED: The happy secret to better work