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Planning For SHRM23 in 7 Easy Steps


Planning for SHRM can be overwhelming. Trying to decide which sessions to go to is like picking which buffet items to select at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Everything looks so good!

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you narrow down your itinerary.


Concurrent Sessions vs Mega Sessions

Concurrent sessions are full of resourceful advise and original content. Solo presenters or co-presenters will feature best practices, forward-looking strategies and resources you need to advance your work.

Mega sessions are concurrent sessions, which are open to a larger number of people.


Speaker’s Slide Deck

It’s a lot easier to take note on the speaker’s slide deck. Download the presentations you plan on attending, before the event here:


General Sessions vs Concurrent Sessions

General sessions are when all of our attendees gather at once to hear from innovative main stage speakers. Concurrent sessions, smart stage and other sessions take place between general sessions. 


One track sessions or Multi-track sessions

While the choice is ultimately up to you, it is generally best to mix and match. Going outside of your comfort zone is a good thing, especially when you’re at an event dedicated to expanding your horizons.


Too many sessions, not enough time

It is best to identify what your company needs the most and focus on sessions tackling those issues. Spreading yourself too thin can exhaust you and make you a less effective listener. You would be surprised how quickly these events can drain you. 


It’s my first time! What do I do? Ahh!

The full schedule is on the SHRM website and they have a general schedule-at-a-glance to give an initial idea of the sessions being offered. There also will be the conference app available for download closer to the conference opening. 

The app will allow you to select and save your favorite sessions, preview maps of the convention center, network with other attendees, and more.

There is also a Conference Orientation session that is great for first-time attendees, on Sunday, June 12.


Should you record the sessions?

SHRM offers ‘SHRM On Demand’ to watch select sessions for one year. If you’re comfortable paying to access those sessions as a convenience fee, in lieu of recording the sessions yourself, go for it. Otherwise, you can record the sessions yourself, to avoid the cost.



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