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How Pokémon Go Can Succeed in the Business World

If you hang around the water cooler, you have probably experienced your coworkers discussing the new “Pokémon Go” mobile game. The app encourages users to catch Pokémon through the GPS technology on their phones. The game more than likely seems completely irrelevant to your business. However, that could not be further from the truth. Encouraging customers to find Pokémon at your establishment could be a “Jedi mind trick” to getting them in your door.


  1. Post screenshots of Pokémon that have been caught near or in your office on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Encourage users to engage on your Snapchat account by temporarily letting them see which Pokémon exist in your establishment.
  3. Host a website Pokémon catching contest that rewards users with in-store credit.
  4. Encourage employees to share their Pokémon Go captures with each other for workplace stress relief.
  5. If you are a chain, reward users for finding Pokémon at multiple locations.

Like any online fad, the excitement surrounding it will likely slow-down in the coming weeks and months. When it changes, a company will want to move to the next trending topic. It’s important to keep your brand current and active on social media. Engaging in the Pokémon Go craze will be a way to talk to your mobile audience. Some mobile audiences can make up to 70+% of web traffic, so engaging in things that people do on their phone will be pivotal in brand development.

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