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Popular Workplace Trends in 2016

It doesn’t take much to change the culture of an entire workplace. New management or an influx of new employees can make your place of work feel very different in a short amount of time. Fortunately, you can stay on top of the shifts by researching common trends that we see in the today’s workplace.

Time to go Mobile

A lot of employees are now drawn to companies that offer opportunities to work remotely, which requires a higher level of trust from an employer. Tracking their online activity and keeping them on a remote server should certainly be important to keep employees on track. Over a third of American companies now engage in this method of remote access. If done right, your employees will love you for their increased time at home with less wear and tear on the vehicle!

Employees Forgetting Their Benefits

It’s called “paid vacation,” meaning you get paid to not work several times a year. For some bizarre reason, studies show that the current crop of employees are less likely to use all of their paid vacation days each year. Stress to your employees that they need the occasional mental break and realize that a refreshed employee is a productive employee.

Generational Flexibility

In any given workplace you will have a forty-something, thirty-something, and twenty-something under your roof. Sure they may not relate much in life experience, but what is it that can make all groups tick? Many companies are now seeing millennials make power plays in terms of their company positioning. Getting the workplace to accept a 45-year-old manager the same as a 28-year-old manager will be a challenge for HR and executive departments alike. What are you doing for team building exercises?

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs have become common in many workplaces. Encouraging physical wellness has been attributed to greater work energy, but what about mental or social wellness? It is encouraged for employer’s to do their homework on modern research programs for a better understanding of maximized employee production.

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