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Preparing Your Leaders Even if They Aren’t Fully Ready

Many managers within today’s workplace are starting their first leadership experience. As a hiring manager, you saw something in them, whether they’re an outside hire or an in-house promotion. Being promoted into a leadership position greatly changes the pace of the work environment. In their previous non-management position, they had been trained to have a more task-oriented working style.

Lend a Helping Hand

Commit to checking in on your new managers regularly. Is he/she regularly pushing their respective departments? They need to know that they are responsible for the team’s success, be constructively criticized for shortcomings, and receive positive feedback for processes they have implemented. Most of all encourage them to be themselves and instill the philosophies that likely earned them that job.

Identify Acceleration Speeds

Adding deadline upon deadline could slow down the process of your manager’s growth. As company kingpin it’s your duty to know how to evaluate the working capabilities of your manager. Pushing them is good, but creating too much noise can create problems. When you feel the time is right, accelerate them to do everything that you need them to do and push it. They are leaders, and to lead by example usually revolves around sound multitasking ability.

Training Seminars

It isn’t a bad idea to send your managers to offsite training for a day or two. Clearing their mind from other work related tasks and only focusing on learning can be highly beneficial. In everyday life, we see simplifying complicated tasks into smaller portions can help productivity. This is the same for a manager looking to figure out the big picture.

At the end of the day, this can be a lengthy but rewarding process for companies. Stay on top of your leaders, have realistic expectations, and encourage them to be better than good!

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