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Productivity updates: The weekend roundup

Productivity is all the rage right now, but should we take it with a grain of salt? Can one force productivity, or find the right app to create a life that is more productive? As we enter into the holiday season, it’s time to consider how to maintain your level of focus and productive. How can you help your employees maintain that as well?

The Atlantic: The Productivity Obsession

Is there an app that will make you more productive? There is an entire category of productivity apps, but the question is why are there certain people who embrace them and others who abhor them? “Productivity apps facilitate the pleasure of time management, which is ultimately the pleasure of control.” If you are the productivity type, or if you’re in HR and need to do more with less, this article is a great read on why the productivity obsession has spawned its own industry and why we can’t live without it.

Entrepreneur: Four reasons to work out with your employees

Can you predict employees’ work performance by their results at the gym? This seems a risky proposition, but one entrepreneur says that working out with his employees gives him insight he couldn’t get otherwise. Noah Kagan makes the bold assertion in this article that “your body is a public resume about what you say about yourself.” His perspective, and this article, is not for the faint of heart.

Lifehacks: Boost your productivity INFOGRAPHIC

Today is all about productivity. And, Life hacks offers a guide to napping made more productive.

Image: Life Hacks

Your legal update from Lexology

Employee failed to show that positive drug test result for barbiturates was discriminatory

Why it matters: The medical review officer, or MRO, is essential in interpreting drug testing results. To know more about the ins and outs of drug testing, read “Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Drug Testing.”

United States Supreme Court tees up sequel to “Hobby Lobby” decision

Why it matters: This is the fourth time in five years that the Supreme Court has reviewed a challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

Are your background check disclosure forms FCRA-compliant?

Why it matters: The lawsuits over FCRA compliance are not decreasing. Your forms have to be compliant. If you’re not sure, please contact us and we can advise you on your process.

Ban the Box gaining momentum

Why it matters: Do you know the Ban the Box laws in your state? Some are changing on a county level, and you need to be in the know.

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