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Protect Your Company with Compliant Social Media Screenings

According to a recent study by Manifest, 90 percent of employers factor a job candidate’s social media accounts into their hiring decisions, and 79 percent have rejected a candidate based on their social media content. Smarter and more efficient companies understand that a bad hire can cost a company time, money, and their reputation if they make a new hire in haste without a thorough background check including a social media screening.

Social media can play a critical role in evaluating candidates’ attitude and mindset. That’s why more companies, including government entities, Fortune 500, academic institutions, and healthcare facilities, turn to KRESS for compliant, accurate, and speedy social media screenings of new hires and current employees.

A candidate’s digital footprint provides a wealth of information regarding their character—information companies can use to hire better employees. Social media platforms have more than 3.6 billion users and one in nine users have flagged content, while one in 33 have posted something violent. Our social media screening combs an applicant’s online activity for behaviors that could put your company at risk by using innovative technology and human intelligence.

KRESS social media screening reports are 100-percent FCRA- and EEOC-compliant and act in accordance with the data privacy law. We do not use web-scraping services and bots, or misuse user data. The key to our accurate social media screenings are our partnerships with social media platforms to ensure compliance with user terms and conditions

Hire with confidence when you partner with KRESS and avoid hiring a job candidate that:

  • Demonstrates acts of racism or intolerance
  • Demonstrates acts of illegal activity
  • Demonstrates violent conduct
  • Promotes sexually explicit material

Our social media background screenings are conducted in a compliant manner and do protect your job candidate’s privacy by redacting protected class information, such as race, color, age, sex, religion, and disability. Companies can get the insights needed to make better hiring decisions, while protecting the job candidate’s right to privacy.

Talk to an HR expert at KRESS who can help create and implement a social media screening policy that fits your company’s needs. You are our priority, and our job is to make your job easier—that’s the KRESS difference.

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